[FAQs] How to use Smart Switch?

Last Update date : 2014.07.15

Galaxy S4 - How to use Smart Switch?                                          


  • Connect iphone to PC


  • Launch itunes


  • Backup iphone to PC using itunes (Press Back up Now button)


  •     Back up to PC NOT icloud
  •     Make sure that backup is NOT encrypted




  • Disconnect iphone


  • Connect GS4


  • Launch SmartSwitch.exe on PC and wait for it to detect and connect to the phone




  • Smart Switch should detect phone and open Screen 1




  • It should automatically detect the iphone backup created in the previous steps


  • If not, click on "Select Folder" and navigave to“C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup” and select the backup folder.


  • Click Next




  • Screen 2 will show up with all the content that Smart Switch was able to fetch from the iPhone backup. By default everything is auto selected. The bar at the bottom shows the total size of the content to be transferred 


  • If something is grayed out (like Wallpaper, Alarm and Podcast in the screenshot) – it means, the backup could not find any of those items


  • Click Start transfer when ready




  • Smart Switch will begin to transfer content from the PC to the connected GS4. Do not disconnect the device before it completes.




  • Screen 4 shows the status after transfer has completed


  • At this point, the PC tool has transferred all the content including a list of apps


  • Disconnect the GS4 from the PC


  • Look through the Contacts, Gallery, Music Player, Clock etc. to see the content that has been transferred over


  • Install Smart Switch app on the GS4



  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions




  • The main page with the app recommendations & matches should open up


  • For each exact app match (as shown above)


  • the top row with the icon on the left is the iOS app


  • the second row with the icon on the right is the matching Android app – which can be clicked and downloaded from Google Play




  • For each non-exact match (as shown above)


  • The top row with the icon on the left is the iOS app


  • The second row has 2 to 3 recommendations of similar Android apps


  • You can sort through using the “All Categories” dropdown at the top to just see (say) Finance apps or Health & Fitness apps


  • You can also sort through the Free & Paid tabs to see which apps you would have to purchase and which ones are free




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