[FAQs] Getting used to Samsung IR Extender cable.

Last Update date : 2016.12.07


Samsung's Infrared Extender cable is a little device that lets the Smart Touch Remote communicate with your cable box or other AV devices. In other words, you will be able to turn the cable box on and change channels with the Smart Touch Remote without using your cable remote.



(IR Extender Cable)


Advantages of using an IR Extender cable :


IR Extender cable enables us to control connected external devices with TV using the Smart Touch Control.

● IR Extender sensor sends an IR signal into a corresponding external device.

● TV has a universal remote control feature that lets you control cable boxes, Blu-ray players, home theatres, and other third-party external devices connected to the TV using IR Extender cable.


Precautions while using an IR Extender cable :


● IR Extender must be located nearby with external devices connected to the TV.

● There should be no obstacle between the external device's IR receiver and an IR Extender’s sensor.

● Install the IR Blaster within 50 cm and 45 degrees of the up, down, left and right directions of the IR sensor of the external device.


To know how to use Universal Remote Setup in F series CLICK HERE


NOTE : IR Extender cable is available with Samsung Smart TV's of F series 6/7/8/9 models.





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